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Aubian is designed on a modular basis, which allows the client to use only modules relevant to his business. Some of the modules can work completely independently, while for some modules it is recommended to be integrated with other modules. This avoids duplication of data from different units and departments within the company so full data integrity is achieved. The following is an example of how data is used within modules: The transportation requests module contains the basic information about the transport service performed, such as clearance, place of loading, unloading, distance, prices, etc., this information is used by the Invoice module to invoice the service. The Payments module organizes different types of payments made based on the invoicing, upfront, full, partial or related to different pre-arranged terms.
The modular principle of the system makes it possible to start with an initial set modules, with the option to implement others in stages, in a consistent manner with the client, his way of working and his available resources. The system allows for a smooth transition without disrupting business processes or organization of work.

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