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Модул: Warehouse

The system provides users with different methods to keep track of warehouse stocks. Users could use the classical method, but they could also use more lightweight method that corresponds with their workload and their way of work. The classical method can work with predefined nomenclatures such as admission and exclusion of parts, consumables and other materials, tracking of stocks, defining minimums and others. Another method is when a part is bought and is directly mounted on a vehicle without said part to have gone in stock. The system stores history for every part from the time it is bought to when it is mounted, repaired, recycled, mounted again on a different vehicle and eventually scrapped. It also keeps track full financial records and documentation for a part as well as storage notes and expense invoices. The system could be configured to contain multiple warehouses, depending on the company, which are in different locations. The module allows users to make orders for parts, materials and consumables and to inquire about parts inside this network of warehouses. The process of inquiring, buying and admission of parts could be fully automated.
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