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What Is Aubian

Aubian is an innovative software that can be easily integrated with any system or tool that is currently used by your business. Such systems and tools could be GPS and telematic systems, fuel suppliers, TOL systems, parts dealers, contracting companies, transport markets and platforms. Integration with Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram. The aim ofAubian is to minimize and avoid any manual input of data. Based on mathematical models, the software is capable of calculating and analyzing stored data, providing detailed results for different indexes: kilometers, courses, clients, transport vehicles, technicians, drivers and others. Regarding the types of its`s users, Aubian is divided into two parts. The first part includes companies that generate their income doing transport services, courier services or both. The second part includes companies that dont generate their income trough the services mentioned above. Their vehicles have a supporting role in their business and generate more expenses like their price when bought, maintenance, documentation required for its operation and others. Aubian doesn`t require additional employment of people to operate the software and input data in the database.

Companies that generate income trough the use of transport vehicles and others machines. The companies with this specification face more challenges based on the growing number of regulations in the countries that they do business in, growth of salaries, the need to exchange information and communicate with different kinds of devices, suppliers, clients and others. Moreover these companies need a way to quickly and accurately calculate expenses for their various services and provide their clients with a price that would generate optimal income for the business.
With the constant expansion of the workload, this become harder to achieve without the use of specialized software. Aubian can help your business with the tedious processes and allow you to better optimize the time and work of your employees.
Aubian allows you to make better judgement based on an analyzis of existing data for your employees and their managers.
Aubian`s architecture is divided into various standalone modules which allows the user to choose only modules that are needed instead of using the full system.
Aubian keeps track of any expiring permits and other documents connected with the business or organization, employees, transport vehicles, validity and maturity of insurances of employees, cargo or vehicles, maintenance, consumables and tires.
Apart from keeping track of different types of events, after generating of enough data Aubian can give you a recommendation for the part, consumable or tires are in need of changing based on type, manufactor, price and supplier.
For courier and transport companies that resubmit their orders for transport to subcontractors Aubian has well organized tools to efficiently track these orders, generating and storing required documents as well as invoicing and pre-invoicing of the transport or other services.

Companies and organizations that have transport vehicles, but are not generating income doing transport, construction or other services with them. The fleet in such company or organization is a major burden in it`s expenses, moreover it requires a lot of time and effort to maintain. This leads to the need to hire people that manage different processes that regard it such as buying, maintenance, repair, and eventually selling or exchanging if the companies uses operational leasing.
Aubian can achieve optimization for every process be it maintenance, repair, insurance and others. It can eliminate the need to manually input and subtract expenses and make accounting of the company easier. The developed API with Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram and Aubian enables employees to receive automated messages concerning their annual technical inspection, appointments for oil and tyre change and insurances. The API allows your drivers to send pictures, files, their location or any other kind of predefined information to the office. Apart from optimization of processes Aubian can minimize expenses of the existing fleet.

Leasing companies The number of companies and organizations that use "operational leasing" is growing and proportionally it becomes harder for leasing companies to deliver their services promised in their contracts. Aubian is a platform that can make the process of communication between leasing companies and clients easier. The developed API with Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram and Aubian allows users of the leased vehicles to receive messages concerning their annual technical inspection, appointments for oil and tyre change and insurances.
Aubian can generate automated invoices with predefined parameters and send it to the client without any manual input. All of these functions and many others modules of the system make it a formidable tool in the hands of every lease company. With its help they can swiftly and accurately respond to any requirement of their clients.

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