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Модул: Fuels

The biggest expense for companies with fleet is fuel. Aubian uses mathematical models to make a full analyzis of refueling and fuel consumption. The module automatically calculates economy and overconsumption of fuel based on fuel standards for distance travelled or working hours, which gives an opportunity to analyze fuel consumption for different vehicles and drivers. The aim of Aubian is to avoid any manual input by providing a functionality to import files or use API depending on the capabilities of fuel suppliers.Aubian already has a network of connections with a number fuel suppliers in the nation as well as suppliers that operate internationally. If your provider is not in our list we could make the necessary connection and load the data for refuelling. The module has a functionality to customize different settings (such as going over the limit for overconsumption, prolonged overconsumption based on fuel standarts and others). If these settings are reached the system would indicate it and provide summarised analysis of the case. Most of the modules in Aubian are dependant on the Fuel module. This module is combined with our Integration module to communicate with fuel suppliers.
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