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What Is Aubian

Aubian is an innovative software that can be easily integrated with any system or tool that is currently used by your business. Such systems and tools could be GPS and telematic systems, fuel suppliers, TOL systems, parts dealers, contracting companies, transport markets and platforms. Integration with Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram. The aim ofAubian is to minimize and avoid any manual input of data. Based on mathematical models, the software is capable of calculating and analyzing stored data, providing detailed results for different indexes: kilometers, courses, clients, transport vehicles, technicians, drivers and others. See more

What Is Not Aubian

Aubian is not a system for tracking of cars and other vehicles with GPS devices.
Aubian is not a system for storage and accounting.
Aubian is not an ERP system.
Aubian is not a software aimed only for big companies or companies that have a big fleet.
Aubian is not a software that requires an initial investment.

To whom Aubian is intended

Transport companies

Companies that provide transportation of goods and cargo, using any type of vehicle like pickups, buses, trucks, hengers, tractors and others.The service provided could be regional, national or international.

Transportation of people

Companies that provide transportation of people between cities, internationally or acting on private contracts. Companies that lease buses or other types of vehicles for transportation of people. Companies that resubmit transportation orders to subcontractors.

Companies with fleet

Companies, private contractors, government or other organizations that dont specialize in transportation but have a fleet for their needs. Companies that dont specialize in transportation but have vehicles for transportation of goods and people at their own expense.

Construction companies

Construction companies that have vehicles that transport goods for the construction site. Construction machinery and other mechanization used in road construction, digging or demolition. Leasing or using vehicles or construction machinery on lease.

Logistic companies

Logistic companies that organize and submit transportation orders using maritime, river, railroad, air or ordinary transport to subcontractor companies. Transportation companies that resubmit transport orders to other transportation companies.

Leasing companies

Financial companies that provide "operational leasing" to transportation and other companies. These could be new or used vehicles, tractors, buses, tanks, trailers, minibuses, construction and agricultural machinery. These companies could provide different level of service regarding maintenance, repair and change of consumables.

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